Main Restaurant

At the Main Restaurant, guests can choose to dine within the cool comfort of the air-conditioned interior or enjoy the cool breeze and a beautiful view of the ocean. Guests can savor the freshest seafood on the beach with the Restaurant providing buffet meals or a-la-carte options. The team of local and foreign trained chefs is well-versed in the art of gastronomy and will provide you with the best of Eastern and Western Cuisine. The Restaurant features a bar well-stocked with wine and spirits. Theme Nights are also arranged on a regular basis by the Resort with evening entertainment arranged on a regular basis for the enjoyment of our guests. The satisfaction of our guests is paramount. Speak to the Guest Relations Officer if you have any special food requirements.

Rooftop Bar

Guests can also choose to enjoy their beer or wine at the top-most level of the Resort, the Rooftop Bar, taking the chance to enjoy the unfettered view of the ocean on the one hand and the unrestricted view of green paddy fields on the other. Your friendly bartender, will titillate your senses with the most innovative cocktails or mocktails to help make your day that much more enjoyable. A well-equipped billiard table will help draw out the player in you…

Special Dining Facilities

Those in the mood for romance or 'that special something' can choose to dine on the deck located on the sandy beach. If you fancy a more romantic setting, dine in our private cabana under the stars to set the mood.